Meeting California’s Workforce Challenge in the 21st Century

UpSkill California, a Community College Collaborative for Talent Development, leverages state funding and the world’s largest body of industry subject matter experts with workplace-specific curriculum to deliver customized employee training to businesses statewide. Learn More


/ˈəpˌskil/ verb
Teach (an employee) additional skills.
“this is an opportunity to upskill staff and expand their capabilities”

UpSkill California

“To improve access to education and employment, California leaders will need to embrace and deploy a multipronged approach that restructures the education pipeline and supports place-based investment throughout the state via new funding sources. This approach will require a model of continuous learning.

Milken Institute, January 22, 2020 “Preparing California for the Future of Work”

What We Do

We Research.

Statewide Data Report

UpSkill California sponsored an extensive research report which shows the scale and breadth of how we address California’s workforce challenge.

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We Listen.

Employee Training Through Employer Engagement

The core strength of UpSkill California is it’s ability to target current trending upskill needs and deliver quality job training statewide through Employer Engagement.

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We Respond.

Workforce Training and Development Centers

Community College Workforce Training and Development Centers rapidly respond to conduct comprehensive career pathways to train employees in new skills.

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Upskill California is Positioned to Help Meet California’s Workforce Challenge

UpSkill California is a consortium of 28 Community Colleges that collaborate to provide businesses statewide with customized employee training and education programs that enhance worker productivity and close the skills gaps that can constrain organizational growth. By sharing extensive resources and expertise—including the world’s largest body of workplace-specific curriculum—our members can deliver virtually any training solution required by business. Additionally, our colleges are adept at helping employers access and administer state funding that offsets the cost of training programs. We deliver our services via college-based Workforce Training Centers that are strategically positioned throughout the state. Collectively, we have many decades of experience serving industries including aerospace, agriculture/food processing, healthcare, logistics, technology, transportation, and a wide variety of industrial manufacturers.

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“… the best way to preserve good jobs, ready the workforce for the jobs of the future is through lifelong learning and ensure shared prosperity for all.”

California Governor, Gavin Newsom
August 30, 2019