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Full Capacity Marketing has created a suite of professional development webinars and tools to support contract education units with the successful and effective planning and execution of marketing and communications strategies. Click on the links below to access.


Positioning Contract Ed to Maximize Engagement

This webinar highlights how to position your contract ed solutions within your unique market to maximize business engagement and provide employers with compelling reasons to choose you. We will detail how to conduct a competitive analysis coupled with customer feedback in order to identify your unique selling position (USP). The USP will then drive key messages for all of your employer touchpoints (e.g., website, bylines, social media, eMarketing). Participants will learn how to use this information to design a Personal Marketing Resume as a succinct leave-behind for an employer that helps position your strengths.

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Session PowerPoint

Example: Personal Marketing Resume

Template: Editable Personal Marketing Resume

Template: Competitive Analysis Grid


Components of an Effective Contract Ed Marketing & Communications Plan

This webinar breaks down the components of an effective marketing and sales strategy to increase employer market penetration and to re-engage and upsell existing customers. A marketing and sales plan process will guide participants in how to replicate for their contract ed division. Employer touchpoints and tools will be reviewed to support the rollout of proactive outreach and sales.

Participants learn how to apply these templates & tools:

  • Marketing & Sales Plan Process
  • Touchpoint Tools
    • eMarketing
    • Fact Sheet
    • Contract Ed video
    • LinkedIn
    • Digital Ads
    • Employer Campaigns

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Session PowerPoint

Template: Contract Ed Marketing & Sales Plan